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Mammoplasty is performed to correct the size or repair of the drooping for beauty. Plastic surgery is performed to correct the size or repair of the drooping breast as well as after the mastectomy in women and is usually done for the aesthetic of the breast. During breast reduction, fat, glandular tissue and skin are removed from the breast and then the breast tissue is deformed to improve the position of the head.

In The International Network of Health Atrina patients can get medical care in the best centers introduced by Atrina under the most experienced doctors receive and support team Atrina after receiving the service of the sick and call to patient about their current situation or how medication and have a question ..... it shared with the patient's physician and medical response can be communicated to him.

The cost of medical services in Iran than in developed countries are much lower, and clinically very high level in the world and our country has long been at the crossroads of world trade has been and is currently in the vicinity of more than 10 countries a population of over 200 million. Iran hospitals with high quality of the equipment and high-tech and medical care and beauty high quality offered and in terms of health tourism Iran has an ancient history and rich culture in the weather Four Seasons Country is.

Specialized Treatment Description

Stages of Mammoplasty: Stage One - Anesthesia medications are prescribed for the comfort of the patient during the breast reduction surgery. Complete intravenous sedation or anesthesia can be used to perform this surgery. The method of anesthesia is chosen at the discretion of the physician. Stage Two - Skin Cutting Surgery Breast Minimizing Patterns The ladies are different: annular incision (brown skin around the nipple) annular incision around the arula and continuing incision vertically upwa More